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EZU-LIKE GROUP through our parent company EZU-LIKE CONSTRUCTION & MERCHANDISE LTD. has a proud history spanning over 25 years in all aspects of civil, residential and commercial construction, particularly in architecture and surveying, building, concrete, bridge and highway engineering, steelworks and fabrications, as well as in the Import and Export sector.

Our operations are governed by a simple philosophy: To make our services endure and to build an expensive reputation, such that anything we put our stamp on need not be tested further.

Championing diversity in development and fulfilling our commitment to quality and constant growth, G. EZU-LIKE INVESTMENTS LTD. was born to promote business excellence and calculated diversification.

 When you do business with us, we bring all the know-how and professionalism accumulated throughout the years to the table. We also boast of versatility, Contact Us today with your business enquiry.

Incorporated in Nigeria, Reg. No. RC 124071
Shell NAMF: 06269

 Ezu-like Construction & Merchandise (Nig.) Ltd. or more commonly known to our clients as ELM.

With over 25 years of experience, Ezu-like Construction & Merchandise Ltd has established itself as West Africa’s leading force in architecture and civil engineering, import and export.

ELM undertakes all civil engineering works; architecture and building designs; road, commercial and residential building constructions; iron and aluminum fabrications; filling and power station constructions (canopy and underground tanks); construction of factories; and  engineering procurement services in the areas of various sizes of flanges, valves, stud bolts and nuts, steel pipes, welding and fabrication equipments and safety.

At ELM you will deal with construction, procurement services and international business experts, and people who have an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, engineering procurement and global trade, and therefore have current and continuously updated knowledge,  making it easy for us to offer a professional,  efficient and above all, cost-effective  service.

Our robust reputation has been built through the company’s strong commitment to excellence, durability, timeliness and cost-effectiveness. We do not compromise quality; therefore anything we put our stamp on is done with guarantee.

This commitment is based on our recognition that people and expertise are key elements in the successful running of any construction project and international business. We also take pride in our supply chain and the planning that goes into sourcing of materials, ensuring we meet our unwavering goal of delivering timely and cost-effective service to our clients.

From a background of construction to architecture and then to international trade, ELM was established in 1980 and incorporated in 1989 by identical twin brothers Arch. Edwin Amobi Ezu-like and Engr. George Ugochukwu Ezu-like. Our offices are strategically located in major cities in Nigeria, West Africa and UK

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Incorporated in Nigeria, Reg. No. RC 1016721

G. Ezu-Like Investments Ltd. commonly known to our clients, business associates and growing list of admirers as GEL is a product of Ezu-Like Construction & Merchandise Ltd's commitment to innovation and progress.

The company as an independent entity also draws from Ezu-like Construction & Merchandise Ltd's over 25 years experience in providing positive customer experience.

WHO WE ARE G. Ezu-Like Investments Ltd. specialises in StartUps of SMEs, networking; consultancy; business evaluation, development and finance and International Trade. The SMEs division of the company specialises in getting new businesses off the ground: innovations, agribusiness, filling stations, mineral water bottling, food packaging, fruit juice processing, property development, energy, greenfield manufacturing, hotels, TV shows, movies and websites.

G. Ezu-Like Investments Ltd. is also deeply involved in Joint venture & partnership, franchising, representation and consultancy. We work with corporate and individual investors wanting to venture into emerging markets in West Africa, in the areas of agribusiness, Greenfield manufacturing, Investments, Alternative investments, Small & Medium business networks and International Trade.


We facilitate the investment process for foreign investors in Nigeria by acting as a local agency/representative and provide support in administration and logistics. We develop turnkey business solutions including but not limited to marketing services, branding, client relationship management and strategic planning operations for foreign investors wishing to venture into these areas in Nigeria and West Africa. We also undertake specialized contracts in any industry, ranging from supplies, supply chain and logistics, to construction. The company's Agribusiness division is focused on offering investors the opportunity to invest in land in Nigeria. This we do by liaising with mostly foreign agribusiness companies and investors who are interested in taking advantage of some of the finest land for arable farming in the world situate in Nigeria and other investment incentives set by the Nigerian government. We also provide representation to governments on behalf of these co...

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