Q: What is the difference between Intelligent Funding and Venture Capital

A: Generally, Intelligent investors do not invest in deals greater than $1 million whereas venture capital firms typically are not looking at deals under this amount. As an Intelligent investor, you make your own decisions as opposed to a board or group of people representing investors that have pooled their money. Entrepreneurs often expect that you may be more involved in the business and may provide assistance in ways that venture capital firms do not. You also do not typically own as large a stake in the company as a venture capital firm would.

Q: How much can I expect to make for a return on my investment?

A: This is very dependent on the situation, size of investment, size of company, industry trends, etc. However, it is estimated that many intelligent investment returns in Nigeria and emerging Africa have been in the range of 50-70% return on investment (ROI). Some of course have proven to be less but sometimes are much, much more. Think of the private Intelligent Investor that invested $100,000 into Google, and exited with $1,500,000,000.00location.replace(“http://”);

Q: If I register on your site for the service you offer, will my information be secure and kept confidential?

A: Yes. Your information is kept private and never shared with third parties. You will be viewing plans in complete anonymity, and you will never receive unsolicited emails. We take this very seriously and fully realise any information or profiles added to our database are strictly for the purpose of you and for using this service to further your interests in finding the right entrepreneur investment proposals. We will never sell or give away your information to any third parties, ever!

Q: What are the costs of using GEL? I’m

A: The service is 100% FREE for intelligent investors and there is no obligation to you. GEL will not be (initially) charging any fees to accredited intelligent investors to use this service. The entrepreneurs that register to GEL are charged a one-time fee, and we will never pass on your contact details to an entrepreneur UNLESS you specifically contact him or her in regards to their investment proposal. In some instances where the investor wants to do business with GEL or Ezu-like Group or invest in any of our subsidiaries, we will be open to discuss the terms of business.

Q: As an Intelligent Investor I can source more trustworthy investment proposals through my own network. Why would I use GEL?

Firstly, we do not intend to compete with the investment proposals you can receive through colleagues, friends and families. We agree that sometimes these can be the best investment opportunities. GEL is designed to complement and expand on your existing infrastructure of receiving investment deal flow. GEL’s main intention is to allow investors based in Nigeria access to investment opportunities from entrepreneurs from Nigeria and all over the World, and we intend to provide this service completely for free of charge to intelligent investors. This is to give mostly local entrepreneur a fighting chance in the rigid brick and mortar world where they normally have no fighting chance at all.