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We are more than an investment company.  What we are building is a large, all-encompassing business, home to all types of people with all types of abilities. So whatever you want to do, you can do it with Ezu-like Group. We know talent when we see one and we give talented people the room to be creative, and the wings to fly. We welcome talented people from all over the world who are interested in an indigenous African company with a global perspective.

Perchance you’re a graduate interested in a niche aspect of any business or an experienced and professional business developer, economist, accountant, salesman, marketer, property developer, engineer, architect, PR, IR etc. Perhaps you’re an information technology graduate or expert longing to be established or be versatile or a current engineering undergraduate who wants to understand how a globally aware, forward-thinking corporation functions. Maybe you are just good at locating and networking business people and business ventures. This group is home for innovation and constant development.

Like we have said: whatever it is you do – whoever you are – as long as you are the best at it – you will find it at Ezu-like Group. Our business is multifaceted and we are always seeking to venture into new areas and creating niches.

And it won’t stop when you join us either. Once here you’ll have opportunities to interact with different areas of the business, develop within the one you’re already in and continually take yourself closer to your own ultimate destination and at the same time achieving our organizational goals. You are expected to be highly motivated, articulate, savvy, presentable and be able to work in a group as well as individually.

We are always excited about new talent joining our family, and we will do everything we can to make sure we develop and maintain a successful, highly productive and efficient relationship with you. Longevity is also a way of life at Ezu-like Group; therefore building a strong foundation is usually the most important part of all our ventures including recruitment. So during the recruitment process we will find out a lot more about you and you will get the chance to find out about us too. And we’ll be sure to process your application as speedily as possible.

To start your journey, upload your CV and cover letter. We’ll review your details and you may be asked to complete an online ability test. If successful, you will be invited for further assessment. Here we will invite you for an exclusive face-to-face interview to bounce around ideas and you will be asked to complete some further ability tests. Full details and help to prepare will be given in your invite.

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