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Q: I am confused, what does Little George P2P do exactly?

A: If you are searching for investment to establish your company, develop an idea or grow your existing business but are having trouble finding active intelligent investors that are seriously seeking to invest their money into start-up ideas and companies then Little George P2P is the place for you.

Upload your investment proposal to Little George P2P and we will send it out to hundreds of intelligent investors until we find you the right one. In fact, we do not charge you a fee unless we are successful.

Upload your investment proposal to Little George P2P now. It will only take you a couple of steps to get your investment proposal live in front of hundreds of Investors.

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What types of Investors use Little George P2P & what types of investments are they looking to invest in?

A: Little George P2P has hundreds of self accredited high net worth individuals, Private investors, individual Venture Capitalists, and Venture Capital firms registered to us right now, actively seeking to invest into bright talented investor-ready entrepreneurs that require seed capital for start-ups or even growth capital for existing profitable established mature businesses.

Further, we have a range of intelligent investors, Intelligent investment groups, and intelligent syndicates all subscribing to investment deal flow from Little George P2P all waiting to hear from you.

We do not approve all of the investors that signup to use our service (more on this below). In fact, we have strict checks in place and we have one of the highest decline rates in the Industry of Investors that are signing up to use our service. Please register to see what types of investors use Little George P2P and the types of investors that we will be sending your investment proposal out to.


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Peer to peer lending (P2P) is an exceptional form of money lending where investors pool resources to fund a borrower's loan request.