G. Ezu-like Investments (Nig.) Ltd. is a local company with a global perspective. We take diversity of the workforce and in the workplace seriously. The real thing is that diversity helps people learn, and helps in creating sustainable competitive advantage. Our leveraging difference in approach ensures that we work with the best people from all over the world, making the company a true international citizen. Our workplace is a typical multicultural environment.

At GEL, the sex, age, race, color, ethnic group or social class of a person is not taken into consideration in the recruitment process, except when used to ensure that the workforce is balanced. Our selection process firmly highlights ability and skills, thus ensuring that our strict adherence to diversity is intact.

We take great pride in referring to our workforce as a miniature UN conference, which is self-explanatory.

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Evaluating the performance of any business is a vital practice to assist in early detection


International Trade

This division of the company specializes in exporting goods that are produced more efficiently in Nigeria and West Africa, Europe


Little George P2P

Peer to peer lending (P2P) is an exceptional form of money lending where investors pool resources to fund a borrower's loan request.