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With many years of experience in the bottled water supplier market, Chelsma Water® supplies natural bottled water to homes and businesses throughout the local area. Founded in 2007, the business delivers across Eastern Nigeria from Enugu to Port Harcourt.

Bottled water can be the best choice of regular supply of drinking water to residential towns and villages. Bottled water can also be delivered to cafes, restaurants, hotels, events and shops.

Chelsma Water® supplies businesses with water anywhere in the Eastern part of Nigeria delivering in a range of 4×4 towed bowsers to articulated water tankers. The fast delivery service ensures clients businesses are running uninterrupted.

We also provide personalized services for hotels and events, by branding our labels with their names accordingly.

Customers love the fresh taste of the water and the free, friendly, regular and reliable delivery service.

Having our own on-site water supply from underground aquifers in Awka – Anambra State of Nigeria, Chelsma Water® supplies bottled water and tankered regular or temporary water supply to commercial businesses, residences and towns throughout Eastern Nigeria.

With a well-equipped bottling plant and fully qualified staff, the company provides a professional delivery service to homes and businesses. The service is intended to be cost effective, enabling clients to live a healthier lifestyle.

Chelsma Water® supplies a range of bottled water that are freshly filled and good for health. 1.5, 1 and 0.5 Litre bottles for the occasional drinker and 13 Litre and 19 Litre bottles for use with porcelain water dispensers. The bottles feature secure locking caps, making them suitable for a wide range of customers. They are available from the distributors.

We select our distributors strategically, thereby giving them an edge in the market. We welcome application for distributorship in every state of Nigeria.

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