Ezu-like Subsidiaries – Chelsma Oil®

Ultra-clean, Efficient, Reliable fuel

Incorporated in Nigeria, Reg. No. RC 1199878

Chelsma Oil® is a Filling Station as well as a brand of motor oil and related products by Chelsma Oil®. Our Filling Stations are designed to provide an all-round service to customers, with a C-Store and a Car Wash attached.

Each filling station does approximately 215,010 liters of fuel per month. Our stations are made for high volume and are in great locations with high traffic flow.

Some of our stations are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Station has the following tanks, Petrol 2 X 33,000 tanks, Gas 1 x 33,000 and Diesel 1 x 33,000 tanks.

Our Petrol Filling Stations are the ideal place to fill up, whether topping up after your weekly shop or filling your van for the day’s work ahead. We offer a range of quality fuels, including Momentum99, a high octane Super Unleaded petrol, and have a great selection of food and drink in the kiosk to recharge your own batteries for the journey ahead.

Our systematic expansion strategy is very unique, with plans of venturing into local refining and other by-products and related products, while also creating an inexpensive Filling Station franchise. We also resurrect tired Filling Stations by either buying them out or via joint venture partnership, and give them exclusive access to our thorough professionalism & business networks.

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