Investor FAQs

Q: How does this service work and what can you offer me that is so different to what I already use?

A: GEL offers registered intelligent investors unlimited access to thousands of targeted business proposals, which you can easily search for within our database completely free of charge. Our opportunities range from seed capital for leading edge start-ups to growth capital for profitable established mature businesses. Using all of GEL tools and resources available to you free of charge may find you the next eBay, Amazon or Microsoft. GEL allows its registered intelligent investors to connect with entrepreneurs seeking capital at all funding stages and across a diverse range of industries.location.replace(“”);

Q: As an Intelligent Investor, or Potential Investor, what kinds of proposals are available to me on GEL?

A: Small to Mid sized business owners as well as start-ups involved in a diverse range of businesses and industries are all listed on GEL. Opportunities presented here include everything from manufacturing companies to Property opportunities and everything in between. Generally, these entrepreneurs have exhausted traditional lending sources and their own private equity sources and must look for ways to bring in outside sources of capital for growth. The proposals listed on GEL are generally too small to be eligible for Venture capital funding and/or have business models that don’t interest traditional bankers as the entrepreneurs may wish to exchange equity for capital, which is not attached to any kind of collateral.location.replace(“”);

Q: Is it possible to be notified of proposals that match my exact requirements as and when they are uploaded?

A: GEL registered intelligent investors can receive either periodic emails, or instant notification emails completely free of charge when matching investment proposals are added to our database that match specific investment criteria (industry, town, investment size etc) set by our member.

Further, GEL innovative email system will never send repeat proposals that you have read online, ensuring that the business plans you receive from GEL best fit your profile and portfolio requirements.


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