A: GEL’s primary role is to promote your investment proposal and to send it to our growing database of investors and syndicates. We are a volume based deal-flow service and the ‘pay after you have received contact’ is designed to ensure that we can guarantee to get you results and if we do not over a six month period, we do not charge you a fee. As an entrepreneur yourself you will understand that if we were to implement the business model of charging N25,000.00 after we have found you interest, and also after you have raised the investment, we would have to charge a much higher upfront fee and also charge a percentage on the money you raised which would have to be in the region of 10 – 15% of money raised using our service.
Many rival investor networks will charge you upto N200,000.00 upfront – and that is even before they have found you an interested investor. This is why the business model of Little George P2P is so unique for entrepreneurs like you.
Just to be clear on this – a lot of our investment proposals that we feature on Little George P2P will NOT receive a single investor contact in spite of us promoting it and getting it out there. This is fine and we do not charge these entrepreneurs a fee in spite of the time we have invested. On the other hand some entrepreneurs receive multiple investor contacts over their six-month proposal-listing period and we include unimited investor contacts in our one of listing fee of N25,000.00.
It is important to note that Little George P2P will never push an investor to make contact with an entrepreneur – instead we present your investment proposal to potentially hundreds of investors in a format that they understand. Following this, it is up to them to show interest.
We monitor all investor contacts on Little George P2P and it is not uncommon for some investors to only make contact with 2 – 3 entrepreneurs per year in spite of us sending them hundreds and hundreds of proposals. Some investors that we approve to use our service will sadly never make a single contact request and this does happen.