A: The amount of investors receiving your investment summary will largely depend on your industry type, town and investment requirement. Some industries are ‘hot’ at the moment and for that reason we will have more investors looking to invest in a certain sector. Broad strokes, we intend to send your investment proposal out to approx. 200 – 500 active Nigerian investors as soon as we place it live on GEL.
This amount will significantly increase during your six month listing period of your investment proposal because:
1) We will email your investment proposal to all new investor applications that we approve on GEL. This keeps your investment proposal fresh and ensures that the most amounts of active investors read your proposal when they are actively searching for new investment proposals.
2) Intelligent Syndicate groups (Investment capital pooled from tens or even hundreds of intelligent investors) will also be receiving your investment proposal from Little George P2Pwhich means that your exposure will be increased drastically.