Company Profile

Ezu-like Construction & Merchandise Ltd. has been helping clients for more than 25 years, to meet their set targets by delivering high end construction, civil engineering and interior design projects of any kind.

Our import and export and general merchandise business also maintains strong and long business relationship with our trade partners all over the world, hence we are trusted as a major distributor in the West African region. We guarantee to get your product to wherever you want them to be, in a timely and efficient manner. We work with companies in Asia and Europe in this way.

Our import and export division gave birth to G. EZU-LIKE INVESTMENT LTD., to take care of our growing list of subsidiaries. Headed by ONYEKACHI EZU-LIKE, this full-fledged investment company specializes in Small, Medium & Large businesses, investments and Start-Ups, international partnership, representation and joint venture.

ELM maintains the highest standard of workmanship and management in any project, from start to finish. We employ the services of some of the most experienced and highly skilled construction and interior design experts.

We hold our clients (small or large) in high esteem, thus they all benefit from the company’s well-honed expertise, experience and professionalism. The company readily discusses and tackles matters arising with the clients during construction, to help them solve any specific problem where necessary.
Overall, ELM maintains the highest level of efficiency and quality workmanship, in order to meet every single one of our clients’ highest expectations.