Mission & Objectives

Ezu-like Construction & Merchandise Ltd. being one of the leading Nigeria and West Africa’s construction & general merchandise companies continuously strives to consolidate and expand its level of performance, through exceptional service delivery to every single one of our clients (private, government or corporate).

Ezu-like Construction & Merchandise Ltd. is recognized for its exceptional workmanship, cost effectiveness, timeliness and attention to detail, fundamentals often paid lip service to in the business. ELM’s mission is to meet every single one of the clients’ expectations according to the clients’ stipulations, and to tailor our services accordingly.

Additionally, Ezu-like Construction & Merchandise Ltd. plans to extend its growing number services to other West African countries. With some completed and on-going projects in the Gambia, Niger & Ghana, ELM is extending its services to clients from other African countries that wish to access the same level of service and professionalism that we offer to the highly competitive and challenging Nigerian market.

Thanks to our fleet of modern vehicles and machineries, Ezu-like Construction & Merchandise Ltd. can get to clients across several countries in the Sub-Saharan African region, contributing to our clients’ peace of mind and trust, regarding the execution completion and handover of their projects.