Interior Design


This division of the company is a problem solving and cost effective interior design specializing in helping homeowners and companies across Nigeria and West Africa enhance their living and working spaces by designing stylish, practical and imaginative interiors for them.

Originality, imagination, resourcefulness, good design, clear communication and reliability are key components in what we do here.

So if you have some delicate interior design challenge – or just need focus and inspiration. We are sure we could help. We delight in coming up with solutions to space conundrums.

Example projects could include:

  • Designing an entire apartment or office
  • Creating a more usable kitchen for a growing family
  • Finding space for a home office
  • Designing an impressive exhibition stand
  • Refreshing a tired commercial space (restaurant, office space, exhibition stand or hotel space)
  • Formulating solutions to specific space problems

We also work with marketing and communications experts, therefore understanding a brief and managing budget, timescales, expectancies and resources are second nature to us. We are experts when it comes to giving customers what they want, when they want it.


Initial Consultation

This is an important meeting where we find out if we can actually work together! This meeting is usually free.

Design Inspiration
Following a meticulous consultation to understand the space and your requirements we would develop an agreed selection of room layouts, mood boards and visualisations. Plus colour and furnishing inspiration for you to implement.

This service is usually charged per room. If you have a very large space or multiple rooms, please contact us to discuss.

Design Development
This is an extension of Design Inspiration; a detailed site survey will result in scale drawings (i.e. room plans, furniture layouts, lighting schemes, and elevations, as appropriate), detailed design (with a final specification of colours, fabrics and furnishings), and visualisations of the space, as appropriate.

This service is also charged per room – if you have a very large space or multiple rooms, please contact us to discuss.

Project Co-ordination & Management
Having signed-off on a design scheme, we would either carry out the implementation or oversee the implementation in collaboration with specified contractors (if you choose to use other contractors). A management fee or a percentage management fee would be applied to the total project.

Design Consultancy
If you need help sourcing specific products, or need specific design advice (e.g. developing a lighting scheme for a room) we can help. Hourly rates apply.

Please contact us to find out more. Register your interest or inquiry below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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