Company Profile

G. Ezu-Like Investments Ltd. is a hybrid investment company, one of the first of iTs kind in Nigeria and sub Saharan Africa, dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises. At GEL we defy convention because we look at Africa from a unique standpoint. We constantly contribute our own quota towards steering Nigeria and Africa away from resource driven economies. It is our unwavering belief that the economic stability of Nigeria and Africa would come from SMEs, thus our resolve to be a premier flag bearer in the region.

We are committed to building the largest network of SMEs in West Africa that can compete globally, while also highlighting various abandoned or pioneer industries/products in Nigeria that holds the key to people and rural development as well as a sustainable economy.

GEL maintains high standards such that are obtainable in the world’s most developed markets. Building strong foundations for businesses is a responsibility we take seriously, therefore due diligence is second nature to us. We are very strict on quality control; therefore every single product and/or service associated with us has passed through stringent checks to ensure that our customers get nothing short of the best, like they deserve. The business solution we offer to our clients is always done with a long-term undertone.

GEL employs the services of some of the most experienced experts in the field. If you think that the companys objectives match your professional objectives and you can add value to the company and vice versa, do not hesitate to send us a copy of your resume through the groups career opportunities link.

G. Ezu-like Investment (Nig.) Ltd. appreciates ALL our clients and associates, hence whether small or large we put our experience, professionalism and expertise to use when dealing with them. The company tackles any problem head on and treats anybody doing business with us specially and according to the demands of the situation, in other word, we do not copy-paste and we do not entertain copy-pasting.

Overall, GEL maintains the highest level of efficiency, plus we love referrals, therefore we do the work and let our happy clients and associates spread the word.