Ezu-like Subsidiaries – Business Evaluation

This is a vital branch of the company, where we carry out meticulous business evaluation and development (for our esteemed clients) & onward implementation (for some clients &creative entrepreneur). This is the company’s powerhouse where we think and create.

Evaluating the performance of any business is a vital practice to assist in early detection of potential problems and noting both positive and negative trends within business activities. This is not a one-off activity, as undertaking consistent evaluations ensures the clarification of the progress of the business activity. This will in turn provide the owners, managers and advisers with credible information that can be used to form the basis for planning for the successful growth of the business.

We know how important this is to businesses so we offer this service to businesses that don’t have in-house business expert.

To ensure thorough evaluation and development, we carry out pre-evaluation activities ranging from assessing the business, collecting information to analyzing historical information.

We then meticulously develop a business evaluation model & take business evaluation measures.
Once the evaluation process is complete, then the business owners and managers need to focus on improving business performance in line with our informed recommendations.

To assist in this next stage, we also recommend or implement (if we are to develop the business ourselves) practical approaches to improving business performance, including both financial and non-financial aspects of the business.

The next stage is on dashboard reporting, where we recommend or implement different methods of reporting the results of both business evaluation and improving business performance in a short-form format, which outlines the key drivers. The report will also show the performance of these key drivers and any further actions or comments, which will enhance business decision-making.

As an integral part of setting up SMEs and business financing via Peer-to-Peer lending, we welcome business plans and proposals from creative entrepreneurs who have brilliant business proposals but lack finance to set them up. We evaluate the business proposal thoroughly and determine profitability, efficiency and sustainability via economic projections. This entails carrying out demographic, industry, niche, external issues and trends evaluations, due diligence and economic projections.

Any business proposal that successfully passes this thorough process is either put through our Peer-to-Peer system or developed and financed. We usually form a partnership with the entrepreneur to monitor performance management and grow the business to a set standard.

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