Ezu-like Subsidiaries – Samsara Agro LTD. (Chelsma Fish®)

Chelsma Fish®, a subsidiary Samsara Agro. LTD., a member of Ezu-like Group, specializes in intensive farming of Freshwater fish & crabs. Our areas of production includes: fingerling production; grow out, which is growing the fishes till they are ready for consumption; and processing (smoking) and preservation (cold rooms).

Nigerian fisheries industry aims at sustainable fishery, however it is far from achieving this owing to various problems in the industry, hence more than 90% of freshwater fishes are imported into the country. More so, the rest 10% mainly depend on imported feeds to be able to cope. Feeding issues are also top on the list of fish farming challenges in Nigeria. Local farmers have not even scratched the market.

Major species cultured include fin-fish (tilapias, catfish, and carp). Catfish, particularly the African catfish has a high growth rate. It is very resistant to handling and stress. It is very well appreciated in Nigeria (where it is often referred to as lung fish).

Chelsma Fish also ventured into production of feeds and other parts of aquaculture, for the local market and consequently for export as well.
We export worldwide, contact us today for your fresh and smoked fish. 

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