Ezu-like Subsidiaries – International Trade

This division of the company specializes in exporting goods that are produced more efficiently in Nigeria and West Africa to the rest of the world, and importing goods that are produced more efficiently in other countries into West Africa. We do this through our larger network of import/export management partners on both sides. We are truely versatile in international trade.

We are also a representative and  broker, and we help importers and exporter on both sides achieve their international trade goals by cutting off the risks involved. We in effect represent the interests of our clients in Nigeria, while partnering with only reputable companies in China, Thailand and India. We have ample knowledge of how product sourcing works in these counties and in West Africa; all the import costs and legislation, and also the geographical location of all the industrial towns. We identify reputable firms, visit factories or supply warehouses to make sure these companies are who they say they are and perform due diligence, therefore, we have verified lists to introduce to our clients. We cover all areas of China and India trade. Wherever the factory or warehouse of interest is located in the world, we make it a point to visit and make firsthand verifications.

We also import/export and distribute quality goods ranging from FMCGs to Ceramics, Clothing, Machineries, Cars and Building Material etc. We have exclusive distributors in Nigeria signed on permanently and we simply make business an enjoyable experience for them.

Our areas of specialization include:

Export Management (EM):
We handle export operations for domestic companies that want to sell their products overseas but do not know how (and perhaps do not want to know how). We do it all: hiring dealers, distributors and representatives; handling advertising, marketing and promotions; overseeing marketing and packaging; arranging shipping; and sometimes arranging financing (if the company came through our Peer-to-Peer or Business Evaluation and Development division and passed our due diligence). We use our energy, expertize and connection to seek out buyers.

We specialize by product and foreign market and our strategy is to efficiently take advantage of international trade agreements and our sourcing expertise. Our payment comes from commission, salary or retainer plus commission, unless we have taken title to the goods.

Export Trading (ET):
We attack the other side of the trading coin as well, by identifying what foreign buyers want to spend their money on and then hunt down domestic sources willing to export. We sometimes take title to the goods and sometimes work on commission basis.


We facilitate the investment process for foreign investors in these countries by acting as a local agency/representative and provide support in administration and logistics.

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