What to Invest in Nigeria

Nigeria has signed bilateral investment promotion and protection agreements (IPPAs) with several countries, which guarantee the safety of investments in the event of; war, revolution, expropriation or nationalisation. Investors are also free to transfer interests, dividends, profits and other incomes. This inevitably translates to a stable and safe business and investment environment for all, especially for international investors.

G. Ezu-like Investment Ltd. has extensive experience in international trade, investments, manufacturing and business evaluation and development, particularly in Nigeria and West Africa.

We constantly identify several highly profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria, in specific ventures, that would enable intelligent investors to make exceptional returns on their investments and also reduce all associated risks to the barest minimum.

For intelligent business people, especially foreign investors looking for new market to boost sales, to invest in and/or to manufacture in, Nigeria has the perfect environment for that.  Nigeria is virgin territory for most investments, which translates to various incentives to invest, including but not limited to low cost of production, developing and one of the fastest growing economies, developing service sector and huge market.

G. Ezu-like Investments Ltd is in effect looking for investors who would support the various ventures that are currently being considered. (Please see links). Each one of these ventures is expected to yield a minimum of 30% gross profit per year, over the next 5 years. Some could easily generate over 50% from the very first year. For example, if you invest  $200,000 in any venture listed, you should anticipate a minimum gross return of $60,000 12 months from start of project.
Proposition: The Investor will invest into specific projects. The investor can either partner with us or invest independently with our professional assistance and consultancy. In effect we will go into Joint Venture with the investor if the investor opts for a partnership.

Our services save investors from loss arising from personal error and other intricacies of doing business in a new and relatively unknown environment. The investor, amongst other things, benefit from our extensive knowledge, experience, connections and reach in the last frontier that is Nigeria & West Africa. We simplify the investment process for international investors, thereby giving them easy access to information on where to invest, what to invest and how to invest in Nigeria.
This section is updated regularly, so please check back regularly or contact us anytime for many more Investment opportunities.

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